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Cataxia is a young system, a swirling maelstrom of raw elements surrounding a bright yellow star. This makes the system a tempting target; metals and elements that would normally be buried deep inside planets are much more readily accessible. Many have thought the same thing, and the result is thousands of derelict scavenger ships as well as warships, adrift since the armies that manned them died in battles for the system millennia ago.

But even with the added incentive of valuable salvage, there's a reason that it is still around for the taking. Cataxia is as deadly as it is bountiful. Meteor showers of pure platinum will tear unlucky freighters to shreds. Flying through clouds of hydrogen gas spells instant doom. Sensors can't be trusted, but it takes a gifted pilot indeed to navigate the chaos without instruments.

A whole society has sprung up on the edge of the system of scavengers and miners and those who supply them. There's plenty of opportunity for adventure for anyone brave or foolish enough to venture beyond the edges of the system.


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