Star Wars: Hopefuls

Shot Through The Heart, But Who's To Blame?

—Start log

Escape from the Damsel was successful, if a bit messy.  

TODO: Speak to Sir Arianta about his tendency to use his body as receptacle for all laser fire in the area.

We seem to have made a few new acquaintances on the imperial ship we successfully escaped to.

TODO: Alter definition of "escape" … and "successful"

Fortunately for us, these new acquaintances want to hire us for a job. Considering we are fairly aimless as a group before this, we can count it as a stroke of luck, but I am not sure what we are getting ourselves into.

This ship, the flat ship that took out the imperial fighters, it seemed… familiar. Unsure what to do with this information. Still processing.

New Objectives:

•Obtain the deal to transport the cargo needed to an upcoming imperial outpost.

•Infiltrate said outpost and "liberate" the radar technology located there to help us track this mysterious ship.


Report of Objective 1:

This was… difficult. That Toydarian was very troublesome to interact with. Filthy flying sentient rodents. Sir Arianta may call me a speciesist again, but I believe when he applies all these words individually to that "businessman", he will find them all to be accurate descriptions. In the end, the goal was achieved, we got the contract to ship the goods to the imperial outpost.

—End Log


—Emergency Log

System failure. Assailant has breached chasis with a projectile, and significant damage has been sustained. Shutting down for immediate repair and stopping threads.

…But who, and why? Did he recognize me specifically? Or just hate droids.


—End Emergency Log


ArcanistSupreme Phlat7

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