A young Twi'lek with a passion for bringing down the Tenloss Syndicate


The young Twi’lek was an unlikely heir to a crime family business. Prior to his birth, his family left Ryloth and founded a new organization to try to fulfill their need for success and power. As is tradition in Twi’lekki culture, Vap’wogon was to be the 5th leader of the small crime syndicate, replacing an uncle that met an unfortunate fate. His father had always pushed him to be more involved with some of the more direct interactions with clients, either being a primary negotiator of deals or taking the route of letting his blaster do the talking and being the muscle. This never appealed to Vap, however, and he found himself regularly trying to take time away from the family business to focus on things that made more sense to his engineering mindset. Whenever he was performing duties as muscle, he would regularly be distracted by his blaster and trying to tinker on the interesting tech. He did provide value to the fledgling syndicate by performing engineering duties for a fee, which led to his fortunate survival in the face of rival aggressions.

The Wogon clan had found some success in small neighborhoods and went largely unnoticed by larger gangs with a simple ryll dealership. Changes came quickly as the family tried to expand its influence at the same time as working on their own specialty with a custom glitteryll synthetic concoction. The unwitting clan stepped into territory that the Tenloss Syndicate took immediate notice of. Tenloss, a crime syndicate with a legitimate business front, hired a professional hit on the family and staged it to look like a bunch of smalltime thugs fighting over territory. The Wogon clan didn’t stand a chance in the destruction that followed. The battle didn’t last long, and Vap never even had a chance to return from his commission to help defend his family. Vap’wogon immediately went into hiding, knowing that this was no simple crime family power struggle, but a hit by a much more organized and powerful group. He had to keep his survival hidden while developing the computer skills necessary to hack into the Tenloss Syndicate’s systems to prove his suspiscions of their involvment.

Vap’wogon is no fool, he knows he doesn’t have the skills to be able to actively attack a powerful syndicate. But given the opportunity, he would do anything to make life a little tougher for the group that destroyed his family. Instead, he must live life on the fringe, never attracting too much attention, and finding work where he can. He recently started running with a wookiee, that seems to be in a very similar situation, and a discarded droid that after a few repairs and upgrades has proven to be quite capable. But even with the additional companions, it seems like a long-shot of getting any kind of satisfying revenge. Maybe if he would have paid a little closer attention while being forced to use a blaster…


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